VICTIMS of sex assault GP Davinder Jeet Bains are “bitterly disappointed” by the decision to slash his sentence by two years.

Bains, of Nyland Road, Swindon, committed offences against 27 women aged from 14 to 51 between July 2009 and June 2012. His sentence was reduced from 12 years to 10 at a hearing this week.

He used a secret camera hidden inside his watch to assault the women at a medical practice in Royal Wootton Bassett, where he was a trusted GP.

At his appeal hearing, Lord Thomas told the court that although Bains’s behaviour had been a “gross breach of trust”, the original sentence imposed by Judge Douglas Field for 13 offences of assault by penetration would be reduced to eight years after taking into account that the “penetration had been minimal and brief” and that there had been “no violence”.

Lawyers representing several of the victims have said they are seeking settlement claims to pay for the extensive psychological therapies needed after their ordeals.

Rosanna Cox, a specialist abuse lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, said: “The appeal launched by Dr Bains has caused our clients a great deal of distress as it has served as a very painful reminder of the sickening treatment he subjected them to.

“They have been living in fear that his sentence may be reduced, which unfortunately has been made a reality. They feel the decision undermines the severity of the abuse they suffered.”

Ms Cox added: “They are understandably bitterly disappointed by the decision.

“This man massively abused the position of trust in which he was placed and carried out the most horrendous crimes that continue to have a devastating effect on those who came into contact with him.”

The law firm was now working to secure “further justice” for the victims, Ms Cox said.

She added: “We are awaiting the surgery’s response, which we hope will ensure we can arrange quick settlements for our clients that will fund the emotional support they need.”

One of Bains’ victims, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the emotional impact of the abuse she suffered meant the disgraced GP should have had no right to appeal against his sentence.

“I do not believe he should have had the right to appeal. What was said on the day should be final,” she said.

“For the number of victims and all the different age ranges, I didn’t think 12 years was long enough.

“What made me seethe was the judge saying that even though there were multiple incidents of penetration they were not done in a violent manner.

“It doesn’t matter if it is violent, the result is the mental trauma that he has caused to so many people. There are so many victims out there who did not get a voice, and we should have been heard. He knew exactly what he was doing and he continued to do it, but still has never given a reason.”

The anonymous victim added: “You go to a doctor with full trust, and now I find out you can’t trust your GP or a judge. I feel that I can’t trust anyone any more.”

Counselling by the Sexual Assault Referral Centre had helped her emormously, she said.