A family who fled from a fire that tore through their home have been praised by firefighters.

The fire started in the ground floor living room of the house in Bollands Hill, Seend Cleeve, at 6.35am on Friday, July 25. The couple were awoken by the fire alarm as smoke was already coming up the stairs.

But because they had a fire plan they were able to grab their three children and escape through a specially fitted escape window on to a pitched roof and down on to a wheelie bin.

A crew from Trowbridge and one from Melksham put out the fire using one hose reel jet, as well as two sets of breathing apparatus.

The father was treated for smoke inhalation and cuts at the scene.

Guy Tadman, watch manager at Redwatch Trowbridge Fire Station, said: “The motto of the fire brigade is get out, stay out, and call the fire brigade and that is exactly what this couple did.

“I would urge anyone to plan an idea and bear in mind fires often happen in the night when it is dark and you may not know where the fire is.

“Have a plan of action of who will get the children, what window you will get out of and have a planned escape route.”