Financial stability is the key to a happy, long-lasting marriage, according to those in the South West who took part in a poll by a money-saving website.

More than 2,700 people aged 18 and over from around the UK, all of whom said they were married, were quizzed about their relationship in the research for

Initially, all respondents were asked ‘Do you think you and your husband/wife will be together forever?’ to which 89% of respondents said ‘yes’.

Those who stated ‘no’ were asked why they thought this was the case, with almost two thirds, 65%, stating they were ‘just being realistic’.

All respondents whose parents and/or grandparents had also been married were asked ‘Were your parents and/or grandparents married for life?’ to which the majority of respondents, 81%, stated ‘yes’ their grandparents were married for life, however only 53% said that their parents were married for life (so far).

All respondents were then asked to state what region they lived in throughout the UK and what they thought was the key to a happy, long-lasting marriage.

When provided with a list of possible responses and told to select the answer they thought was the most important factor, the top answer given in each region was:

• West Midlands – Mutual interests (62%)

• North East – Having money spent on me (59%)

• South East – Trust (58%)

• Wales – Regular sex (54%)

• London – Regular date nights (51%)

• East of England – Similar intelligence (48%)

• Yorkshire & the Humberside – Regular sex (47%)

• South West – Financial stability (43%)

• East Midlands – Similar sense of humour (42%)

• Scotland – Regular holidays/breaks together (40%)

• North West – Regular time apart (36%)

• Northern Ireland – Similar life goals (33%)

According to the poll 79% of respondents said that if their marriage were to ever hit a rocky patch, they would do everything they could to fix it before turning to divorce, with a further two fifths of respondents, 42%, stating that if they were to ever get a divorce they would never re-marry.

And 57% of the respondents taking part said that it was ‘very important’ to be in a comfortable financial situation when married.

George Charles, spokesperson for, said: “It’s interesting to read what residents in different regions around the UK consider to be the most important factors in a happy marriage, and that two regions in particular think that regular sex is the key.

"Each relationship is different and each couple will have different views, but ultimately each couple knows what is best for them.

“The values of marriage are very different to what they used to be – if you look at your grandparents there’s a very good chance that they’ve stayed together their whole lives, even if things may have become bad at one point or another.

"However, divorce rates are higher than ever and more couples seem to be taking the ‘easy way out’ when things get too hard.

"Anything worth having, and I mean really worth having, is worth fighting for – so next time you hit a bump in the road within your marriage, try to fix things.

"I’d have to agree with those in the South West who say that financial stability is the key to a happy marriage. Debt and money worries can be disastrous in any relationship, so avoid borrowing and spend carefully if you want marital bliss!”