A game of cops and robbers ended in a real-life drama when a girl got stuck up a tree and her mother had to ring 999.

Bethany Pugh, 13, of Adlam Close, Devizes, was playing with friends close to her home when she decided to use her gymnastic skills to climb a tree and swing into an adjoining one.

Unfortunately, when Devizes School pupil Bethany tried to climb down the branch between the two trees broke and she was trapped at the top of one with no convenient hand or footholds.

She said: “I like gymnastics and other sports so climbing up wasn’t a problem but I didn’t realise how high I had gone. When I realised I was stuck I I called to my friends and one of them went to get help.

“I don’t like heights so I was getting a bit scared as it was a really long way up. My jeans had also got caught on the branch so I couldn’t move. I was very embarrassed.”

Her mum Sarah quickly arrived and along with neighbours tried to reach Bethany without any luck, so she rang 999 and within minutes a fire engine had arrived.

Mrs Pugh said: “We can’t thank the firefighters enough. They arrived really quickly and were great. They were laughing and joking with Bethany to keep her calm and got her down very quickly.”

Bethany said: “They were really nice to me.

“Once they were there I wasn’t scared. I just felt a bit silly.”

Devizes fire station commander Pip Flowers said: “It was quite a high tree and we used our extension ladder to get her down. She wasn’t hurt, just a bit embarrassed I think.”

Mrs Pugh captured the whole rescue on video on her mobile phone.

She said: “I never liked Bethany playing in the woods so hopefully she will learnt a lesson about how dangerous climbing trees can be.”