BB the cockatiel, who owner Wendy Bos says is more like a child than a pet, has flown the coop and she is desperate to get him back.

Mrs Bos, 46, of Hillworth Road, Devizes, has spent money appealing for help in newspapers, hours putting up posters and days scouring the streets around her home without any luck.

She said: “He means the world to me and I don’t care how much money I have spent, I just want him back.”

She has posted messages on Devizes Facebook sites and has been pleased with the many messages of support and offers of help she has received.

BB went missing on July 2 after flying though a window and was seen several times in different areas of the town over the first few days.

Mrs Bos thought she had a chance of getting him back soon after he flew off when he was seen in a tree in a nearby garden. She called in a tree surgeon to help reach him but BB flew away before he could be caught.

She said: “I got a call from someone in Trowbridge and I really got my hopes up but it turned out it wasn’t him. I have had him for about nine years since he was a baby and he is really part of the family. He sits at the table with us and eats his meals with us. I make him toast for breakfast.”

Mrs Bos’ husband Richard and three foster children are also missing the bird, which used to fly freely around the house and was rarely in his cage.

If anyone has any information, call (01380) 721923 or 07860358976.