FOODIES at the Adver office – and friends – sacrificed their waistlines at Bombay Lounge in a show of support for the 160 Appeal.

The going was hard indeed but the 20 diners at the Peatmoor restaurant wolfed through plenty of food in samosas and tandoori at the Curry Night in aid of Prospect Hospice on July 28.

A commendable £102 was raised in just two hours at a raffle which saw a lucky winner go home with a top-of-the-line walker – among many other unusual prizes up for grabs. The sum raised from ticket sales to the event is still being counted.

Jo Logan, media sales consultant, who single-handedly organised the event and even put together a quiz to cap up the evening, said: “It was hard work but it went smoothly.

“We raised a lot at the raffle. One of the prizes was a walker and I think everyone was waiting with bated breath to see who would win it or what they planned to actually do with it.

“But we also had crowd-pleasers like a makeover at the Body Shop and vouchers.

“Everybody enjoyed it and I think my quiz was a hit – although the music round puzzled quite a few of them. I have eclectic taste in music.”

She added: “I really wanted to do something for the 160 Appeal. We keep encouraging our readers to be generous and hold their own events or take part in challenges so it’s only fair that we do our best to raise money ourselves at the Adver.

“Prospect do an amazing job and there are examples of it in the paper every week. I want to help make a difference to the care patients in Swindon receive even if it’s just a handful of them.

“Every little helps, I guess.”