Trowbridge woman Den Owen is bidding to find the owner of a cockatiel she has been nursing for the past two weeks.

It was discovered in the garden of Miss Owen’s neighbours in Kingswood Chase and has been staying with her and her two other cockatiels, Jacko and Tazzy, until its owner comes forward.

Miss Owen said: “It must have been hungry and weak because he is lively now. It is a bit tame, so it could be an aviary bird. I have let them all out together.

“I think it is quite young. Its wings are quite big for him and he’s smaller than my male.”

Miss Owen has reported it and put posters around the estate and shops.

Despite a woman coming from Devizes and a visit by the Hope Nature Centre in Trowbridge, both of who are missing cockatiels, the owner is yet to be traced.

The owner can text Miss Owen on 07905500167.