The health facilities to be included in the new Trowbridge Campus may be known next month as final plans for the long-running project are made – with the project expected to be finished by the end of the year.

In May campaigners were disappointed at delays to the project to amalgamate council services in a new, purpose-built facility.

However, Colin Kay, chairman of the campus’ shadow community operations board (COB), believes the corner has been turned.

He said: “The Area Board had a health update in July which set out the kind of facilities they would like to see in the Campus.

“After a bit of reorganisation at Wiltshire Council Laurie Bell is now the person in charge of delivering all the campuses. She came to our campus meeting last Tuesday and indicated Trowbridge was now the top priority, and we are looking for ways to bring it forward.”

The council intends to build 18 campuses across the county. The facilities they offer are to be decided by the COBs, after consulting the community.

After several months of consultations the COB confirmed it wants swimming, sports and IT facilities at the Trowbridge Campus and healthcare provision.

That could include physical therapy, but would not be like a doctor’s surgery, Mr Kay said.