Melksham Councillor Jon Hubbard raised over £150 last month when he walked 17.5 miles, without leaving the town.

He completed the challenge on a treadmill outside the Pembroke Road Co-op store on July 26, to promote his upcoming Big Walk. The walk takes place on September 13, along the canal from Melksham to Bath, via Bradford on Avon, to raise funds for the Melksham Extended Services and Hope for Tomorrow charities.

He said: “Special thanks to Graham Moorehouse and the whole team at Blackmore Road Co-op for hosting the event and making me feel so welcome.

“Graham also kindly stepped in and kept the treadmill going during my two breaks, and topped up the total distance travelled to 20 miles after I had finished the challenge.

“If anyone would like to join us on The Big Walk or would like to sponsor those taking part, then details are available online at or from Melksham ASDA, the Town Hall or either of the Co-op stores in the town.”