ALMOST 140 homes could be built near the village of Blunsdon after several planning applications were submitted.

Both applications centre around Ermin Street and both would see about 70 houses being built.

The first application is for 68 homes to be built on land between Ermin Street and the A419.

Permission was initially granted for 57 homes but the developer, Newland Homes, believed there was not the market for larger homes.

They are therefore now looking to increase the number of homes although the layout of the development will be similar because they will have fewer bedrooms.

If it gets the go ahead, the development will be predominately two, three and four bedroom houses.

Previously the site has been used for quad-biking. Now it is unused and has been deemed suitable for housing.

The developers have been consulting with the parish council which has offered no objections.

Chairman Ian Jankinson said: “We have supported this development. It was identified some time ago as a possible place to build on.

“The parish council have been in talks with the developer and they have been very accommodating.

“We asked for the open space to be more central as well as work with the allotments and slight changes to the access, which they have done.

“It is not land which is being used at the moment and when you compare it, it is very small in comparison with some of the much larger developments in the parish.”

The second application concerns 69 homes and lies on the other side of Ermin Street on land next to the Blunsdon House Hotel.

It has been put forward by Linden Homes, which held a public consultation in March.

The land is currently used for agriculture.

If it gets the go ahead, the development will be mainly family homes with a play area.

Speaking at the consultation earlier this year, resident Jim Hyland said: “On the whole it is well parcelled in so we are not too concerned about where it is.

“The one main worry I do have is the houses will not fit in with the rest of the houses.

“The houses in Blunsdon all have an old look, even the new ones, so I am a little worried the development will spoil the look of the village.

“The roads will also have to be upgraded to cope with all the traffic.”

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