Action for the River Kennet is launching a campaign to encourage dog owners to pick up their pets’ poo.

The charity launched the Bag It and Bin It campaign, which they are running with Marlborough Town Council, in Stonebridge Meadow last Friday.

Posters have been put up around Stonebridge asking owners to pick up after their dogs.

Town councillors Bryan Castle and Margaret Rose officially launched the campaign along with dogs Spud, Ziggy, Fern and Indie.

ARK’s Stonebridge project officer Anna Forbes said: “Schools are now on holiday and more children out and about, so it is an ideal time to remind dog owners to remember to pick up after their dog.

“There are health as well as legal implications and it is simply unpleasant for everyone.”

The campaign has been supported by Trained for Life, Riverside Veterinary Centre, The Guild of Dog Trainers, Dogs Trust, North Wessex Downs AONB and Wiltshire Council.