REGULARS celebrated 30 years of Coleview Luncheon Club with a warm meal and a rich slice of pudding yesterday.

The club, which has been serving more than 60 guests each week, marked three decades since its launch at Coleview Community Centre.

More than a volunteer-run cafeteria, the luncheon group has brought not only nutrition but warmth and comfort to the elderly in the surrounding area – offering them a welcoming place to socialise and feel part of their community.

“Some people don’t go out all week except to come to the lunch club,” said volunteer Eileen Lamb.

“A lot of the people who come tell us week after week they would miss the lunch club if we didn’t have one. It’s a social event.

“We have six volunteers running the club. Working here, you feel as if you put a bit back in the community. It’s a pick-me-up for everybody. We make a difference.”

Mayor Teresa Page dropped by the centre to meet those who give up time each week without fail to serve the club and share banter over a cup of tea.

“You can feel the warmth around you,” said Theresa.

“Like most clubs in Swindon, it is run by volunteers and it confirms the goodwill that volunteers put in. The minute you walk in it lifts your spirits to see old people in such a happy frame of mind.”

  • The club welcomes guests every Tuesday at Coleview Community Centre. To find out more or join, call 01793 824780.