Artist Luke Hollingworth has vowed never to enter the nation’s Shed of the Year contest again – despite coming agonisingly close to winning this year’s televised event.

For the third year on the trot Mr Hollingworth, who works under the alias Syd at his home at Gastons Road, Malmesbury, won the competition’s workshop or studio shed category.

Millions of Channel 4 viewers watched as Mr Hollingworth’s Stencil Shed became one of three whittled down from almost 2,000 entries to contest the grand title and its £1,000 prize.

But in a tense finale he was beaten by a single vote in the Shed of the Year showdown.

It later emerged that Joel Bird, whose creative shed studio in Tottenham snatched the prize, was a professional bespoke shed builder.

Mr Hollingworth, 37, said: “It will be the last time I enter the competition.

"To be honest I wasn’t going to enter this year but a lot of people said I should do it and Channel 4 was very keen for me to enter.”

His shed is used as a space to house his artwork.