Councillors say the first they knew that 40 weeks of road works were about to start in Hilperton was when signs went up this week.

Work on the long-awaited Hilperton Relief Road will be carried out by contractor Bristlewand and on behalf of Persimmon Homes, after planning permission was granted to the developer by Wiltshire Council in 2006, as part of the legal agreement for the East of Trowbridge housing development.

Signs informing motorists of possible delays went up on Wednesday, with a duration of 40 weeks, but councillors from Hilperton Parish Council say they have not been given much information about the schedule.

Ernie Clarke, who chairs the council, said: “The parish council has been given no information whatsoever. I only found out when I got an email about it and saw the signs go up at the roundabout.

“The first phase will see them create a site access off the Hilperton Drive roundabout and also at Horse Road, but they are not expecting too much of a problem. After that the work will hopefully take place to minimise disruption.

“Some of Hilperton will welcome the road, while others will be against it. It has been a long running issue, but it will hopefully improve traffic through the village when it is completed.”

Another Hilperton parish councillor Trevor Carbin said: “We have all been kept in ignorance about it really. The problem is that the developer will decide what they are doing and when they are doing it.”

Technical director at Bristlewand, Clive Aveyard, said: “We have permission to form an access into the site, which is what we are stating on Monday and then from September 1 we are hoping to start work on the relief road.

"Our contract period is 40 weeks and that is probably how long it will take.

"There are two roundabouts at either end in Trowbridge Road and Canal/Horse Road where we will be creating access points.

“There will be disruption when doing the roundabout work for sure as it is a sensitive area, but we will work to minimise any disruption. The first thing we will be doing is setting up some access to the site.”

Persimmon Homes project manager for the new relief road Peter Kenny said: “We have to work with the utility companies first before we start the major work. To start with we will just be putting a temporary entrance in place.

“The major roundabout work won’t take place until we have more information from the utility companies, but we are expecting the main work to start in September.

“Everyone was aware the road has been planned and lots of people will be over the moon when it’s up and running as it will relieve traffic through the villages.”