A MAN has been arrested in connection with four burglaries in the Highworth area.

Between August 7 and 10 residents reported a series of burglaries to police where unsecured properties had been entered and items stolen.

A 45-year-old man, from the Highworth area, has now been arrested and bailed pending further investigations by the crime team.

This is the latest spate of burglaries where properties have been left vulnerable after police found a spike in the Stratton area of Swindon.

PC Sandra Higgins-Hughes, beat manager for Highworth, said: “Following the burglaries around the Stratton area we have now had a similar series of burglaries which have occurred in the Highworth area.

“We have had four burglaries reported between August 7 and 10, which have happened between midday and 4pm.

“Due to the hot weather during the summer, some people are leaving doors and windows unsecured, which is leaving an opportunity for burglars.

“We would like to remind residents of the standard advice, which is to make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked, because these have all been insecure premises which have been targeted.

“One male has been arrested, currently on suspicion of all four of the burglaries.

“The investigation is ongoing with the Priority Crime Team and the dedicated burglary team. It is an older gentleman who has been arrested.

“The crime prevention advice is to keep anything and everything locked. Even when the weather is hot people need to be vigilant when they go out to work and always keep security in mind.

“Off the back of this recent spate of burglaries we will be holding new crime prevention drop-in sessions on 21 August in Castle Eaton and Highworth Library, and we would encourage any residents who would like to attend to come.”


Standard crime prevention advice has been issued by Wiltshire Police follwing the increase in burglaries.

A spokesman said: “Easily visible locks may deter some thieves, because a window lock forces the thief to break the glass and risk attracting attention. DIY shops sell inexpensive key-operated locks to fit all kinds of window.

“Fit key-operated window locks to all downstairs windows and that easily accessible upstairs window, eg. Those above a flat roof or by a drainpipe.

“Remember to remove keys from locked windows and to keep them out of sight in a safe place but ensure you have a fire escape route planned.

“Lights on in the house need to give the impression that someone is in, so leaving only a hall or landing light on is not good enough. Usually a living room and a bedroom light on timer switch will give a good impression of occupancy.

“Curtains need to be closed so that lights coming on do not make it easier to see what is available to steal.

“Never leave a garage or garden shed unlocked, especially if it has a connecting door to the house – a thief could get in and work on the inner door in privacy.

“Fit shed and garage doors with a strong padlock and make sure that they are solid enough not to be kicked in.”

The neighbourhood policing team will be holding their crime prevention drop in sessions outside Castle Eaton Village Hall from 10am to 11am and at Highworth Library between 2pm and 3pm on 21 August.