Nine puppies were rescued by police after escaping from their home and running into the middle of a busy road at Seend.

The Weimaraner puppies and their mother were spotted by an officer in the village.

Officers managed to round up the dogs, which had sneaked out of their nearby home, and take them to a local police station.

Their worried owner called police 20 minutes later after discovering that all 10 of the dogs had escaped.

She was later reunited with the puppies and their mother at the police station.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: "One of our officers found the puppies yesterday just after 1.45pm.

"There were nine of them along with their mother. At the time we weren't able to locate the owner of the dogs.

"The dogs were taken to a local police station, where the owner was able to go and collect them from."

It is not known how the puppies escaped.