A man stabbed a former Devizes pub worker after he was thrown out for being aggressive towards his girlfriend, a jury has been told.

Lee Turner, 26, had already assaulted a woman inside The Crown in Devizes in a blow which it is thought was meant for his then partner, the court heard.

But once outside, in New Park Street, after behaving aggressively towards bouncers, Turner got into a fight with Anthony Walker, who used to work in the pub.

And the jury at Swindon Crown Court was told during that incident the defendant produced a camouflage folding knife and stabbed his victim with it.

Turner, of Spencer Close, Swindon, denies wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, unlawful wounding, possessing a bladed article and common assault.

Maria Lamb, prosecuting, said he had gone to the pub on Saturday, October 5, last year with his then girlfriend Michelle Baker.

At about 2am the following morning he thought another drinker was coming on to her and pulled her away, she said.

"He seems to have lost his temper. He was shouting and yelling first at people in general and then at Miss Baker," she said.

"He started to gesture and gesticulate. It appeared he was motioning for her to leave the premises. She seemed upset."

She said it appeared he was trying to manhandle her out of the pub when a woman called Kerry Merritt got involved, and was hit in the face by Turner.

"The Crown say Miss Merritt was hit by a blow very probably intended for Miss Baker. At this the door staff moved in and got involved," said Miss Lamb.

They threw him out and once in the street CCTV showed him pulling off his T-shirt and was swinging it around as he remonstrated with others queueing outside, she said.

When Miss Baker was outside soon after she said he pushed her, causing her to go to the ground, and Mr Walker then appears on the scene.

She said the footage shows they exchange words and Mr Walker landed the first punch as a fist fight begins.

It continues across the road out of the camera's view where the men end up on the ground before door staff end the scrap.

Miss Lamb said Mr Walker was not aware he had been stabbed to the arm and back until after it had broken up.

She said both men were taken to hospital for treatment to their injuries and Mr Walker needed stitches to his wounds.

When police arrived they found the knife behind a gas pipe cover across the on the side of the road where they had been fighting on the ground.

Turner was questioned and said people misinterpreted his actions as he had not been aggressive to his girlfriend, so was upset when he was thrown out.

Miss Lamb said: "He accepted he had been abusive to door staff, removed his top and offered to fight door staff. He was angry and frustrated.

"When she came out he said he grabbed her by the arm and she fell to the ground by accident."

She said on the other side of the road he felt a blow to the head which did not feel like a fist and was then in a bear hug with another man.

He said at no stage did he have a knife and did not stab Mr Walker. Turner denies all the charges and the case continues.