A PETITION has been set up calling for the introduction of red light cameras along Thamesdown Drive to prevent further accidents.

The number of accidents has been a cause of concern for residents living in North Swindon for some time, especially following the death of 33-year-old Paul Winters in May.

An improved system for traffic lights has been installed to prevent drivers catching all red lights but now there are calls for the council to go further.

The petition has been set up by resident James Holland and already has more than 100 signatures.

On the online petition he says: “As all the residents in North Swindon, and indeed most of the borough’s drivers, know, driving along Thamesdown Drive is fast becoming a dangerous part of our journeys due to a minority of ignorant and selfish drivers who use this road as a racetrack and jump the red lights because they’re going too fast to stop.

“There have been several large smashes as the result of people jumping the red lights at speed along this road this year alone resulting in many injuries and tragically the unnecessary death of a man this May.

“The council’s Highways Depart-ment needs to do something about this and fit all junctions along this road with cameras to catch, fine and endorse the licences of these dangerous drivers before more lives are lost or horrifically changed forever.”

Over the last three years there have been 48 crashes along the road which have resulted in injury, many of which are caused by drivers jumping red lights This has prompted the council to introduce an adaptive system at the lights which responds automatically to fluctuations in traffic flow through the use of on-street detectors to reduce delay and congestion.

On top of this a new programme to educate drivers about the dangers of jumping lights was also set to begin.

Coun Dale Heenan, cabinet member for highways, strategic planning, sustainability and transport, said: “I am fully aware of the issues along Thamesdown Drive.

“I am supportive of the work of local ward Councillors Elliott, Faramarzi and Donachie to tackle the problems along the road.

“I have no issues with considering cameras to catch people jumping red lights and this is already being looked at. The key point is that this is not within the remit of just the council as it needs to be done in partnership with the police.”