Wiltshire Council’s Cabinet unanimously voted in May to go ahead with the community model for youth services.

Their vote followed a 10-week consultation period that generated thousands of responses.

The cuts to the youth services budget are saving £250,000.

Laura Mayes, Wiltshire Council cabinet member for children’s services, said: “The aim of the new model for the youth service is to ensure more young people have access to a range of suitable activities.

“We received over 5,000 responses from young people to our consultation. One of the clearest messages received is that young people want a greater say in the services provided for them.

"By delegating decision-making to community areas and ensuring young people have a strong voice on each Local Youth Network to advise the decision-making, the young people will have more, not less, influence than at present.

“Each community area will have a fully qualified Community Youth Officer, who will be the go-to person for young people and everyone who wants to get involved with youth projects.

"For many young people this is a time of change but I’d encourage them to be involved so we can ensure the youth activities are what they enjoy and like to do.”