Building two three-bedroom homes alongside an existing semi-detached home will cause traffic chaos if it gets the go-ahead, say residents of Marshmead, Hilperton.

The plans, which have been submitted to Wiltshire Council, aim to maintain the existing property at 4 Marshmead and develop a pair of three bedroom homes alongside it, with rear gardens and parking.

However, residents along the road are unhappy with the application, which they say will include development on an open grass verge area along the west side of the plot owned by Wiltshire Council.

Residents argue that the proposed development is out of character with the homes along the rest of the road, while it would also exacerbate the problem of access along the street caused by parking.

Shirley Sloper said: “The developer has included the grass verge on the side of the house as part of the plans, despite the council taking on all the verges and greens around the road years ago.

“It is also not in keeping with the rest of the houses in the road and there is no reason why they should be allowed to build on that grass land, as I have spoken to the council and they say they don’t sell plots of land.”

Ralph Lane, who has lived in along the road for 42 years, said: “This should not go ahead, because it would cause further parking problems and will use up green space that has enhanced the area for years.”

Comments on the plan can be submitted to Wiltshire Council until today with a decision expected to be made in September.

Lee Davis, who lives with his wife and three children, said: “The homes the developer intends to build are out of character with the ones around it and this is going to have a detrimental impact us as immediate neighbours.

“It would also harm the valuable open green space currently enjoyed by the local residents and the over development of the site would make parking even worse and affect the access along the street.”