Church verger Derek Kyte and church warden Nancy Kyte are celebrating 60 years of happy marriage today.

The couple have spent the last 55 years at the same address in Bremhill, just outside Calne, where they are key members of the village.

Mr Kyte, 87, said: “We get on very well here, we know everyone and they all know us.

“I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”

The couple remain active members of St Martin’s church in Bremhill, with Mr Kyte helping prepare the services in his role as church verger while Mrs Kyte is responsible for the running of the church.

Mr and Mrs Kyte met in Chippenham as Mrs Kyte waited for her sister to finish work in Woolworth’s.

Mr Kyte, who used to walk past on his way home from work, asked Mrs Kyte out after chatting.

Following their wedding, and a honeymoon trip to Paignton, Devon, Mr Kyte moved from Chippenham to Bremhill to begin what turned out to be a happy life together.

Mr Kyte, the eldest of four children, was involved in agriculture before spending two years with the army in Germany and then working at Westinghouse Brake and Signal Ltd.

In his retirement he enjoys gardening.

Mrs Kyte, 81, was born and bred in the village and was chairwoman of the village hall committee when it was given 18 months to buy the old school building.

She led the committee to raise around £20,000 to buy the building, which required an additional £10,000 roof repair so it could be converted into the village hall.

Looking back on the past 60 years Mrs Kyte said: “We’ve always worked together and helped one another – we haven’t strangled each other yet.”

Mrs Kyte began her working life as the apprentice to a hairdresser and enjoyed numerous jobs before spending 19 years at Springfields School as a seamstress.

She still enjoys lace-making in her spare time today.