THE company set to take over the town’s leisure facilities has moved to reassure residents concerned about the future of some sites.

One of the facilities which has been causing a great deal of concern is the Croft Fields.

There has been a big public campaign to remove the fields from the leisure lease to ensure it remains in public use.

A petition with 1,600 signatures was given to the council earlier this year calling for the change but it remained part of the deal.

However, a spokesman for Greenwich Leisure Limited has categorically denied there are any plans to reduce people’s access.

Chris Symons, the company’s director of development, said: “There are absolutely no plans to stop people having access to the Croft Fields, as they are a public space.

“We are not intending to put up any fence. It would make absolutely no sense for us to spend thousands of pounds putting up a fence.

“I understand people’s concerns but we are not a development company or anything like that.

“I also want to say that there are no plans to introduce charges to the car park.

“At this stage the contract is not signed so we cannot talk to third parties but it is our intention to work with the Croft School.

“Their peak times will be different from ours, so I am sure we can work together.”

Another source of contention has been the future of the West Swindon Library, which is located in the Link Centre.

Fears had been raised that it might need to find a new home but, while it will still be run by the council, it will remain in the Link Centre, albeit in a different part of the building.

“GLL have 26 libraries on its portfolio so we understand their importance within the community,” said Mr Symons.

“The West Swindon Library will remain in West Swindon, but it will continue to be run by the local authority. It is not part of the lease.

“It will likely be moving to another part of the centre but at this stage I can’t say where, as talks are still going on.

“It may be the new place means it is can open for longer hours with more services.”