ACTION for the River Kennet is the latest group to voice its concerns over plans to build 46 homes on land next to Rabley Wood View, Marlborough.

Guy and Ben Sangster, sons of the late horse racing tycoon Robert Sangster, want to build on the open space, which belongs to Wiltshire Council, in exchange for 14 hectares of nearby land owned by Manton Estate.

One of the main concerns of those objecting to the plan is whether the watermeadow set aside as substitute land for the recreation area is suitable.

The Manton Estate wants to drain 1.8 hectares of the watermeadow which they believe compensates for the 1.15 hectares they wish to build on.

Chairman of ARK Geoffrey Findlay said: “Watermeadows fulfil the vital function of absorbing water in periods of substantial rainfall.

“The flooding of Stonebridge Meadow earlier this year demonstrated this. Drainage would reduce the capacity of the watermeadow to fulfil this function.

“ARK has concerns about the scale of the housing development, namely the additional load it would put on an already overstretched water supply and sewage system.”

ARK does welcome the proposed change of land use to increase public access to the Og watermeadows and wants to keep it as a nature reserve.