NEW services to support victims will be commissioned in Swindon from April next year as part of the updated Police and Crime Plan.

The needs of victims and the vital role volunteers can play in tackling crime and anti-social behaviour are highlighted in a series of updates to the Police and Crime Commissioner’s strategy.

More than half a million pounds in a grant from central government will go to fund the new services.

From April 2015, Mr Macpherson will be responsible for commissioning local support services for victims of crime. He says the services will be available “whether or not they report the crime to police”.

Mr Macpherson said: “I will focus particularly on those victims who have suffered the greatest impact from crime, including victims of serious crime, those who are persistently targeted and the most vulnerable and intimidated.

“Things change and move on which is why we needed to update the plan. This is just putting some flesh on the bones.

“In the original plan we did not know the full situation in terms of victims services. Restorative justice was in the original plan but has come to fruition with neighbourhood justice panels working, so it needed a bit more scale to it.

“The victims services were particularly important, and we have now got some funding available to commission those locally.”