RESIDENTS are urging immediate action to be taken in revising the infrastructure for the Ridgeway Farm development, which they believe will be deeply flawed.

A number of concerns have been raised with developer Taylor Wimpey since March 2013 in relation to the spine road running through the new site, the shared space crossing at the village centre, and a lack of parking bays for homes.

But the developer says the plans were rigorously assessed before being submitted. Kevin Fisher, chairman of the Shaw Residents’ Association, said: “In March 2013, we wrote to Taylor Wimpey with our concerns about the design of the spine road through the centre of Ridgeway Farm.

“This road will not only service the estate but will also act as the access road in and out of Swindon from the west.

“Taylor Wimpey chose this design in preference to providing a road around the estate for through traffic. As a result, traffic calming measures are required in an effort to make the road safe for all.

“The measures to be implemented by the developer include making the spine road just 6.5m wide and the use of a shared space at the village centre.

“In May 2013 the SRA issued its ‘gridlock report’ which concluded that a shared space at the village centre will see over 900 vehicles navigating it during the morning peak hour and over 1,200 during the afternoon peak hour, will result in major disruption to traffic flow across the Sparcells roundabout, ultimately leading to complete gridlock on Mead Way.

“In July 2014 we sent an objection to the formal planning application for the proposed shared space at the village centre as we believe the concept is flawed for a junction with the traffic volumes predicted and located right next to a primary school.

“The negative public reaction to the Regent Circus shared space design and injury to a pedestrian, within weeks of its implementation, is a flavour of what is to come from Taylor Wimpey’s development.

“We remain convinced that the design of Ridgeway Farm, with a road carrying through traffic in and out of Swindon running through its centre, is deeply flawed and will lead to traffic congestion, more rat run traffic through West Swindon and serious accidents.”

Taylor Wimpey said the layout had been assessed and no issues were being foreseen after its completion.

A spokesman said: “The shared space proposal for the Ridgeway Farm village centre is a design which we incorporated into our masterplan to adhere to Wiltshire County Council’s vision for this space.

“The highways layout was designed under the guidance of the local highways authority and rigorous traffic assessments were carried out to inform the plans.”