A SMALL cannabis farm was located in Penhill this morning after the electricity company raised concerns about a property.

Officers from the neighbourhood policing team were alerted to the property after a visit from the electricity company unearthed a number of cannabis plants being cultivated.

The property was vacant at the time and the resident will now be arrested upon his return to the area.

Hydroponics and plants have now been removed from the house on Inglesham Road and suspect named to police.

PC Lloyd Griffiths, beat manager for Penhill, said suspicions were raised when it appeared the address was not routing any elecricity.

“The address was entered some time this morning, and a small amount of cannabis plants were located,” he said.

“There were around seven adult plants and a number more in the early stages of growing, so this was not a massive operation by any means.

“It seems the guy had not been using any electricity, so a warrant was obtained through the electricity company. They have entered the property and found the plants before they called us, and we have been dealing with it since.

“It was a property on Inglesham Road which has been entered. The male was not in the property at the time, and there is information that he might work away from the town during the week, so we can deal with him when he comes back.”

Anyone with information regarding drugs in their area should contact Wiltshire Police on non-emergency number 101.