RESTAURANT and hotel owner Philip O'Shea is to have CCTV installed at his business after suffering egg attacks three weeks running.

Mr O'Shea said his staff were getting fed up with having to clear the mess from the windows of his bistro in St John's Street.

He said: "It has been happening for about three weeks on Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights.

"We reckon it must happen about 4am in the morning.

"It has mainly been the windows but some have also been thrown at my car.

"I have no idea who it could be as I don't think I have upset anyone.

"It is not very nice for my staff to have to deal with this sort of mess."

He said he has reported the incidents to the police and thought they may have been captured on the town's CCTV system.

He said: "I am having my own CCTV installed now to try and put a stop to this or find out who is behind it."

He has also taken to Facebook to ask people to keep an eye out for the egg thrower.