A SOUTHWICK-born author has penned her fourth novel, Ethandun.

Written by Alexandra May, Ethandun is the tale of England’s famous battle between King Alfred the Great and Guthrum, warlord of the Danes.

For generations the Danes were ransacking the English shores and inlands plundering, pillaging and killing all those in their wake.

But during the 9th century decisive battle, a whole other plot is taking place.

Mrs May, 45, who now lives in Portugal, said: “Writing Ethandun was a very important part of my process.

“I’ve recently had a hiatus from the writing world and so Ethandun proved a great way to immerse myself back into it.

“As a lover of English history, King Alfred is one of my all-time heroes even though he doesn’t have a lot of page time in this book.

“The story is also set in my beloved Wiltshire, the setting for all my books, so writing Ethandun was like coming home again.

“The book has had a fantastic reception so far. I didn’t think people would be so interested but it seems people want to learn more about the story.”

Mrs May lives in the Algarve with her husband Paul along with their dog and two cats.

Before moving to Portugal she worked in HSBC branches in Melksham, Trowbridge and Warminster.

On March 1 Ethandun went live on Amazon and it can now also be purchased from WH Smiths, Sainsbury’s and other retailers.~

To find out more, visit www.alexandramay.co.uk.