WHEN it comes to birthday presents Morgan Denbury does not have much luck.

Three years ago a scooter bought for his sixth birthday was stolen just three weeks later and now a bike he was given for his ninth birthday has been taken from the back garden of his Devizes home.

His mum Liz, 41, said: "When we realised it was gone he was in tears. We are all totally devastated that this has happened."

Morgan, who goes to Seend Primary, was thrilled when he was given the black Apollo Ridge bike at the end of October and his mum took a video of his excitement when he realised he had got his much wished for present.

She said: "He was so excited. He really loved it and used it when we went out on rides down Quakers Walk or to the park. There is a private road at the back of our house where it is safe and he and his friends play out there."

His sister Polly, 11, gave him skull and cross bone valve caps to go on the bike that has Shimano gears and was his pride and joy.

His parents believe the bike was taken last Wednesday but they did not realise it was gone until Thursday morning. Mrs Denbury said: "I rang the police but they did not come out. They just gave us a crime number.

"But I had heard about other bikes going missing on Facebook and someone said they are sometimes dumped down Quakers Walk so my husband went out Thursday evening with a torch to have a look."

But her husband Andrew, 50, had no luck and continued searches have proved fruitless.

Mrs Denbury, who works as a market researcher, said: "We would ask anyone to who sees a bike that matches the description to get in touch. We also want to warn other people to be vigilant.

"It is horrible to think that people would take a child's bike and to think people have been in our garden looking for things."

Mr Denbury, who is a director of corporate films, works from home but did not see anyone acting suspiciously.

The family say it will cost around £100 to replace the cycle.

Anyone with information should ring police on 101.

Yes certainly. It was a a black Apollo Ridge, shimano equipped bike. We have it to him for his 9th birthday the end of October. His sister Poppy (aged 11) bought him skull and cross bone valve caps for it. Suspension front and rear with disk brakes and a mud guard. He was so proud of it.

I'm sure he wouldn't mind having his photo taken. As for looking unhappy that goes without saying poor love. He's been in tears.

My son has had his bike stolen out our back garden. He got it new for his birthday in October. Is there anyway we can do a story to make people more vigilant of the items I. The back garden and also on the look out for there neighbours.

He's only 9 and is devastated. We all are.

Picture below.

Many thanks


Ps: a few years ago his scooter was stolen and everyone rallied round. Yourselves reported it then and we got a good response and community help.

Devizes youngster Morgan Denbury was devastated to discover his brand new scooter had been stolen, although thanks to an appeal on Facebook he has been given a used scooter.

Morgan, six, was given it for his birthday at the end of October but it was stolen from the garden of his home in Estcourt Crescent three weeks later.

The bike was a True Grit Extreme stunt scooter and cost £65.

Morgan’s mum, Elizabeth Denbury, said: “Morgan’s scooter wasn’t locked away and we found it had been stolen on Saturday.

"Morgan was in floods of tears. He goes to RampNation (indoor skate park in Devizes) every weekend and he could do a few tricks on his scooter. It was his first stunt scooter, he had cheaper scooters before.”

The family put an appeal on the Facebook page, Shout Out Devizes Uncut, and within a few hours a woman offered her daughter’s scooter which she had outgrown.

Morgan accepted the kind offer. The woman who donated it didn’t want any money but Mrs Denbury gave her some home made apple chutney as a mark of gratitude.

Mrs Denbury said: “Having a scooter donated has cheered Morgan up a bit and it restores your faith in people, but he would still like his scooter back.”

Morgan’s sister, Poppy, eight, also scoots. They were both pictured with Devizes mayor Pete Smith when he visited RampNation to mark its first birthday.

Mrs Denbury has reported the theft of the scooter to Devizes Police and anyone with information is asked to call 111.