SCHOOLS in Bradford on Avon have welcomed a boost to their budgets after receiving a share of a £12,000 raised by the town's fireworks display.

St Laurence, Christ Church and Fitzmaurice have all received a £4,000 share of the cash raised at the event on the Beehive Field in Trowbridge Road in November.

Robert Beesley, chair of St Laurence PTA, said: “It’s great that we have been able to add this money to the schools’ budgets. It has helped pay for three news outdoor items for St Laurence, including a table tennis table, outdoor picnic tables and a roller press table for art.”

Last year the money raised from the fireworks night went towards repairing a laser cutter for DT lessons, replacing science equipment and paying for new bulbs for the schools’ maths projectors.

Neil Baker, head of Christ Church, said: "The money will be used to kickstart the project being organised by FOCCS (Friends of Christ Church School) to improve the school grounds. FOCCS is planning to raise a significant amount of money over a two-year period and support like this is very much appreciated."

Tracey Dunn, head of Fitzmaurice, said: "We are just blown away by the generosity and hard work the community puts in to raising this money. We are looking to invest in some more iPads and we are also currently raising money for a tennis court area at the school. The money is going to be a massive help."