A slightly smaller than usual group of fifteen walkers set off from Tisbury on a walk led by Pippa Clarke. The group were blessed with fine weather enabling them to enjoy the typical fine Wiltshire views. On leaving Tisbury they were soon in open countryside walking across fields to reach Old Wardour castle, spying a small deer en route. After a short break to enjoy the environs of the castle they set off again in a south westerly direction, taking in a very old gateway which they assumed to be a disused entrance to the castle. A short while later the group encountered a large branch which had fallen across our path but nothing daunted they managed to clamber over and continue on their way. A few miles later found them gazing with slight envy at the apartments in Wardour Court and shortly after, passing New Wardour Castle with its Italianate Chapel . Following a lunch break the walkers continued on their way back round to Old Wardour, this time passing it on their right and then climbing past Twelve Acre Copse before descending through ancient woods to emerge on to farmland. Not being easily unnerved they ignored the noisy geese and continued north toward Tisbury feeling rewarded by the sight of a red kite wheeling in the thermals above. All agreed the nine and a half mile walk was most enjoyable and interesting.
Report by Pippa Clarke