A planning appeal for a drive-through KFC in Trowbridge has been allowed despite neighbours' concerns over noise and littering.

The planning application for the restaurant at Trowbridge Retail Park, adjacent to Spitfire Retail Park where McDonald's is already based, was initially rejected by Wiltshire councillors in June last year.

Families and local authorities were concerned about the adverse effects the restaurant would have on nearby homes and roads, leading to further congestion.

But planning inspector Jon Roberts granted the planning application on the condition that the terms listed are met by KFC to avoid adverse effects to residents living nearby and effects on highway safety and parking.

There were 11 conditions put in place for KFC to adhere to as part of the planning permission and they include having an approved site management plan to combat anti social behaviour and littering including gating off parts of the parking area and providing CCTV; landscaping; operating between 7.30am and 11pm; installing and maintaining ventilation and filtration equipment.

Bradley Road neighbour Jane Robinson doesn’t think the conditions imposed are going to make any difference to the problems.

She said: “My question is what magic plan have KFC got to control the anti-social behaviour that McDonald's and Trowbridge police haven’t found in the last 13 years.

“I’m absolutely not convinced they are going to manage the problems any better than anyone else has. The problem is still there.”

She added that she also has issues with the litter and parking which will be reduced by 66 spaces in the retail park when KFC is built.

A spokesman for KFC said: "We're delighted to have been granted permission to open a new restaurant at the Trowbridge Retail Park, which will create 30 to 40 jobs in the area."

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