Druid Keeper of the Stones Terry Dobney who traditionally leads a Pagan greeting to the rising sun will be missing from the Summer Solstice celebration at Avebury on Tuesday.

Mr Dobney, 64,who lives in West Kennett and has who has been involved in the solstice celebrations at Avebury for more than 30 years, suffered a stroke and is currently recovering in the Great Western Hospital, Swindon.

There will be restricted camping only at Avebury.

Hilary Makins, the National Trust’s manager at Avebury, said: “Since Avebury is a World Heritage site our options for car parking and temporary campsites are very limited.

“We want people who come to enjoy a peaceful solstice but also to consider using some of the other official campsites nearby and coming to Avebury by public transport.”

There are campsites at Savernake Forest, Devizes and Calne all with bus links to Avebury.