A Warminster teenager is suing her GP for damages of £200,000 after accusing him of failing to diagnose her condition soon enough.

Gaynor Salmons, 18, of Lane End, Corsley, said in a writ issued at London’s High Court and just made publicly available, that her dream of becoming a paediatric nurse had been shattered as a result of her GP’s actions.

She contracted mastoiditis, a rare bone disease causing extensive visual loss, hearing loss, and persistent headaches after he failed to diagnose and treat her ear infections, it is claimed.

Now Miss Salmons is seeking damages from Dr Kevin McBride, of The Avenue, Warminster.

Her solicitor, Philippa Luscombe, said: “We have issued proceedings, but we are still waiting for the defence to respond, which is unusual.

“We have to prove that they got this wrong and also that it has caused damage, so they may try to claim that although they made a mistake it wouldn’t have made any difference. We have the support of expert evidence.”

According to the writ Miss Salmons, who had a history of glue ear, visited Dr McBride in November 2004 with earache, and was told her ear drum had burst, but this was nature’s way of healing.

She was taken home early from school the next month with a painful headache, swelling and dizziness.

It is claimed that Dr McBride said he was 90 per cent sure she had glandular fever but did not want her to go through a blood test and prescribed antibiotics.

Also, that he failed to suspect her middle ear infection had progressed to mastoiditis, and should have sent her to hospital for urgent investigation.

Two days later, she has having problems walking, and she was going cross eyed.

Her condition continued to deteriorate, and she was admitted to Frenchay Hospital for treatment.

Miss Salmons claims if she had been referred to hospital urgently in December 2004 she would have made a very good recovery.

A spokesperson for the Medical Protection Society, acting for Dr McBride, said: “As this is an ongoing matter it would be inappropriate for Dr McBride to comment at this time.”