Visitors to this weekend's WOMAD festival are being asked to join an air guitar world record attempt.

Action on Hearing Loss, formerly the RNID, want to break the current record of 1,883 people playing air guitar at the same time at the world music festival at Charlton Park.

Charity spokesman Emma Harrison said: "We’re confident of beating the old record, but need the support of everyone who’s attending WOMAD.

"We’ve never tried this before, but we’re sure our WOMAD friends will rise to the challenge. So if you’re going to the festival, pop along, and don’t forget your air guitar!"

The charity will play Jimi Hendrix’s legendary track Purple Haze and visitors will be guided on stage by rock singer Justin Adams.

He will be joined by the current Air Guitar UK Champion, Thom 'W!ld Th!ng 37' Wilding, to ensure people really strum those imaginary strings.

Guinness Book of Record officials will also be keeping a close eye to make sure there is no cheating.

The attempt is in aid of Action on Hearing Loss' music campaign, which raises awareness about the importance of listening to loud music safely by wearing earplugs at gigs and festivals.

WOMAD organiser Chris Smith said: "We're really excited to host this very special event for a cause close to the WOMAD heart.

"We all love music – but it’s important to listen to it safely. We know our brilliant festival peeps will support Action on Hearing Loss, grab their air guitars and rock out to Hendrix!"

The Air Guitar World Record attempt starts at 10.45am on Sunday on the main stage at WOMAD.