Devizes will start the new year with its own purpose-built yoga centre.

Former actress and drama teacher Debby Wilkinson is opening the White Horse Yoga Centre at the Roundway Farm business centre just across from the popular Curves women-only gym.

People of both sexes and all ages can take advantage of the classes for beginners or adept yoga enthusiasts. Pilates and Nia dance classes are also being offered.

For mother-of-two Mrs Wilkinson, the new centre, due to open on Monday, is a dream come true.

She said: “I have been teaching yoga for eight years now, usually in village halls, which is fine. But it is limiting in that those who sign up for the classes are of mixed abilities and you tend to go for the lowest common denominator.

“With the new centre, I will be able to offer classes for people with particular needs.”

The former professional actress and theatre administrator has been teaching drama at schools throughout Wiltshire for some years but is now concentrating exclusively on yoga.

She has been looking for a location for her centre for 14 months. She said: “By pure chance I spoke to a friend of mine who mentioned that Chris Combe at Roundway Hill Farm had new premises.”

In fact, the building in question will house the Sixpenny Nursery, which is relocating from Nursteed. Mrs Wilkinson’s centre will take up a third of the new eco-friendly premises.

Mrs Wilkinson, who holds qualifications from the British Wheel of Yoga, said: “We live in a heightened state of alert, bombarded with information and demands on us all the time. Yoga rebalances our nervous system and helps us deal with the stress of daily life. There is something very magical about yoga that is difficult to describe, but once you get into it, it is very difficult to do without it.”

The main studio at the yoga centre measures 80 square metres with under-floor heating and wooden floor. There are kitchen facilities and disabled toilets.

Christine Douglas will take classes in Pilates and Mrs Wilkinson will teach Nia dance.

She said: “It is a very free, artistic form of dance and gives people freedom to express themselves. Some people find it emotional.”

For more information, ring Mrs Wilkinson on (01380) 816844 or visit