Pupils from St Nicholas School, in Bromham, passed a lit torch to their counterparts at Hedding-ton, to start the build up to the Calne Games.

The torch was walked the 4km by the whole school, including teachers and parents.

It was all part of the Calne Games, an Olympic-themed event in which all of the primary schools in and around the town are taking part.

As well as a full programme of sporting events in June, in which every child will take part in at least one event, there is a full torch route around the 10 schools.

A real flaming torch, which organisers John Bentley School borrowed from a theatrical props company, started its journey at St Nicholas School last week.

Paul Bacon, head of St Nicholas, said: “We have had a number of assemblies recently with an Olympic theme. This week we have been looking at friendship and collaboration, in line with Olympic ideals.

“That was one of the reasons we decided to get everyone to go over to Heddington.

“The whole school went, every child walked the distance. And at about the halfway point children had the opportunity to do the Sport Relief Mile as well. At Heddington there was a shared playtime, which was fantastic.

“Although the teachers from the two schools have regularly worked together in the past, the children hadn’t really met. It was a celebration of the Olympic ideals working in reality.”

The torch will now be held at Heddington for a week until it is transported to each of the other schools in turn.

Sam Shuker, school sports co-ordinator at John Bentley, said preparations for the main event in June are going well. She said: “We have managed to secure some sponsorship from Gough’s Solicitors.

“It will be a great event for the children and we’re all looking forward to it.”