YOUNG people waving signs and banners took to the streets to protest about the difficulties they are facing while trying to get on the career ladder.

About 30 teenagers and young adults marched through the town centre on Saturday to demonstrate against high university fees, education maintenance allowance (EMA) being taken away, and the difficulties young people face finding a job.

David Gretton, president of the Swindon branch of the Youth Socialists, said a lot of young people feel the same way.

“Living in Britain as a youth is starting to become unfair. There are no jobs for youths because everyone is looking for experience and if you are fresh out of college you don’t have that. Youths shouldn’t have to work for free to gain experience,” said the 21-year-old, of Park South.

“We also find it unfair students have to pay so much for uni now. We feel youths in Britain should have a better chance of life. Without education there is not much you can do. They are charging so much for uni it is just wrong.

“We are also protesting because EMAs have been taken away. A lot of people I know need EMA to help them get to college and for lunch. That has been taken away from them.”

People came from across the country to join the march, which travelled from Spring Gardens to Princes Street, Regent Street, Fleet Street, Commercial Road and finished in Edgware Road.

Police were also present to ensure the protest did not get out of hand.

“I am hoping this will bring to everyone’s attention that youths are not going to be treated like slaves and we deserve the same rights as everyone else,” he said.

“At the moment I am a door to door salesman. That is all I could find and I have been lucky to find that. I wanted to go to uni but I couldn’t afford it.

“It is unfair that people who want to go to uni have to take out a student loan and start life in debt.”

Youth Socialists are a national group, who have also been protesting in Canada and Spain.

“A lot of the people at this march are from London and they have come down to support us. We have also been stopping people in town and asking what they think about uni charges and the fact EMA has been stopped. They were all up for it and ready to go for it.”