The Edinburgh Fringe Festival will have a strong Wiltshire flavour this year as some of the county’s rising stars cross the border to perform at the internationally renowned event.

One of the shows travelling up to the world famous festival, which kicks off on Friday and runs until August 27, will be the Corsham-written Revolution! The Musical.

The show, featuring local performers which debuted at The Pound last year, will be one of the Fringe’s longest-running acts with 22 performances of the musical, set in Bosnia, starting this Saturday running through to the end of the festival at Paradise in Augustine’s.

Composer Nicholas Keyworth, who is also a Corsham Town Councillor and chief examiner of music at Trinity College London, penned the work with lyricist and Wiltshire Times reporter Michael Wilkinson.

Mr Keyworth, of Station Road, said: “Edinburgh has been a long time coming and all of a sudden it is right on top of us. We are very excited that this time next week the show will have premiered on the international stage.

“Who knows what will happen at Edinburgh but the hope is that we can continue to work on the show come the Autumn with a view to giving it a new, even bigger outing in 2013 with the right backing.”

Year 13 students from Chippenham’s Hardenhuish School will also be performing at the festival, which boasts over 2,700 shows, with their production Social Husbandary Inc – Breeding a Brighter Society Since 2012.

The school’s head of drama Duncan Ellis has also written Fat Joe’s Chicken Shack which features some of his former students.

He said: “We are making our last preparations and we are all very excited for the two shows heading up to Edinburgh. “We will be heading up for the first week with performances from August 6 until August 11.”

Bradford on Avon singing teacher Felicity Courage will be directing the production Swing A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which features performances from some of her past and present students of the Courage Performers group.

She said: “We are all hugely excited for the show, which will be running from August 5 until August 11. “On Saturday, we did a performance for our friends and families, they filled in feedback forms which has really helped us prepare for the Fringe.”

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