Wiltshire Police want to track down this man, who might be involved with bank account frauds in Corsham.

Accounts have been opened using names and details of people living in a block of flats, before thieves attempt to take bank cards and documents from their victims’ mailboxes.

Residents at the 10 apartments in Beechfield House, in Academy Drive, have been targeted with men spotted trying to steal post from a communal box.

Attempts to withdraw money from accounts are now being investigated by the banks and building societies affected.

One of the targeted residents said: “I guess these people find as much information as they can about you and then go and open accounts in your name, or ask for replacement bank cards, making sure they intercept the post deliveries.

“It is nice to know that the police are on the case with this, and hopefully they’ll catch the people responsible soon.”

The offences first took place between April and May and again from July 17-21.

Police said a 5ft 4ins tall, unshaven, black man, believed to be aged about 35, who drives a blue Vauxhall Vectra, is a potential suspect.

Anyone with information can call Hazel Brinkworth, at Melksham Police Station on 101, extension 728603.