DOROTHY Pinnell is celebrating the arrival of her latest great great grandchild, bringing to 95 her living progeny through five generations.

Although Mrs Pinnell, 92, lives in Wroughton, most of her family is in Pewsey and her latest great great granddaughter Ava Emily Joy Hurkett came along on August 9.

Mrs Pinnell’s granddaughter, Pauline Hurkett, contacted the Gazette to point out Mrs Pinnell’s great achievement. She said: “My nan has six paternal children, two step children, 26 grandchildren, 52 great grandchildren and 17 great great grandchildren.

“My mum, Sharyn Emily Edmonds is 61. She has two children, seven grandchildren, five great grandchildren. I have four children and five grandchildren – Chelcie, eight, Kayla, three, Declan, two, Alicia, one, and two-week-old Ava.

“My daughter Rhianne Emily Joy Hurkett, who is 19, is Ava’s mummy. My nan is also awaiting the arrival of two new births this year, which should bring her total to 97.”