TAKING on just one marathon would be enough of a challenge for most people, but a pair of police officers will be tackling three in three days to raise funds for charity.

PC Adam Leakey, 29, and PC Jon Hewlett, 35, based at Gablecross police station in Swindon, are hoping to raise £10,000 for Children in Need by running nearly 80 miles in November.

The duo, who have been in training since April, will be setting off from Marlborough on November 14 and are due to finish in London on November 16.

Adam, who has been a policeman for eight-and-a-half years, said: “I watched comedian John Bishop’s run on television earlier this year and I just thought ‘I’m so lazy’.

“Doing one marathon is a really good effort but if you want to get more sponsorship and interest I thought we are going to have to do something above and beyond. I was plotting it in my head for a while and then I thought I would ask Jon.

“When I started training in April, I couldn’t even run a mile. To be at the point we are now is a big achievement.”

Adam and Jon will run from Marlborough to Reading on the first day, then from Reading to Hounslow, and then on the last day they will run around London.

“Children in Need is a great charity. We have both got kids and I just thought in terms of charities it would be a nice one to do.”

The team had been at a stag do when Adam asked him if he would take part in the challenge.

Jon, who has been a officer for 12 years, said: “Adam and I were walking back at about three in the morning. He said to me ‘do you fancy doing three marathons in three days for charity in November?’.

“I agreed but didn’t think any more of it. About three weeks later he asked me if I had started training. At that point I realised he was serious.

“When you join the police you have an initial fitness test to get in but after that you can lapse quite easily. It is obviously an advantage if you are reasonably fit.

“I have always enjoyed my running but not to this extreme.”

Adam and Jon, who are receiving free treatment and support from DC Injury Clinic, said they are looking forward to the challenge.

They will finish on the same day that Children in Need is shown on television.

To sponsor them visit www.justgiving.com/AdamandJonpudsey2012 or visit www.facebook.com/AdamandJonPudsey2012.

Businesses who want to sponsor Adam and Jon or help to promote their fundraising should email adamandjonpudsey2012@yahoo.co.uk.