Alcohol could be banned from the streets of Corsham in a bid to stop anti-social behaviour.

The Town Council is considering setting up alcohol exclusion zones following reports of drinking in a number of areas including Springfield Recreation Ground, Meriton Avenue Recreation Ground and at the benches outside the Co-operative in the Martingate Centre.

Police have no power to confiscate alcohol from adults, but could take action in an exclusion zone.

Corsham Town Councillor Elaine Marston said: “Over the summer months I have had numerous concerns raised about drinking in our recreation grounds.

“It is not just the litter, it is the disturbance to the residents and the drinkers have also been shoving glass bottles into the ground which proves dangerous for people using the facilities.”

Cllr Marston also said she’d been told of incidents where adults had bought alcohol for those not old enough to drink and then stayed with them while drinking it to prevent police from confiscating it.