THE edge of Bradford on Avon could change dramatically if plans for Kingston Farm, on the Holt Road, go ahead.

Around 300 people discovered more about the proposals to build a new factory for Anthony Best Dynamics, as well as office and 133 new homes on land which is part of The Hall Estate, owned by the Moulton family, when details were displayed at St Margaret’s Hall on Tuesday.

Developers, have used Wiltshire Council’s draft Core Strategy proposal to create the plans, which will see Anthony Best Dynamics move and The Moulton Bicycle Company extend into their factory, with both aiming to expand their workforce.

James Child, the project’s employment developer, said: “The turnout today has been good and we’ve been happy with the feedback so far. This is our third event, so at this stage we’ve hopefully addressed most issues.”

Mr Child said the development, which aims to be completed in 2016, could create up to 300 jobs in Bradford on Avon by expanding the two firms and welcoming new businesses to the offices.

When complete the businesses’ energy would come from a 21,000-panel solar farm, which was built on The Hall Estate in October 2011.

As part of the plans, which are expected to be submitted to Wiltshire Council in spring 2013, some of the 133 new homes, to be built on the land opposite Springfield, would be affordable housing.

Philip Fry, of CG Fry & Son, said: “It will have a good range of houses and the affordable ones will support young Bradford on Avon families.”

During the consultation some concerns were raised about the increased volume of traffic the development could bring to the town.

Resident Christine Steele said: “What worries me with this is the increase in traffic and the damage to the town’s air quality. I do Lorry Watch for an hour a week and even in that time you can just taste the pollution and I don’t want that to get worse.”

Mrs Steele said that she’d be keen to see a park and ride scheme put into the plans.

The plans include a roundabout at the Holt Road/New Road Springfield junction, with a new road off leading into the development. The developers and Wiltshire Council are discussing putting a weight limit on part of Holt Road, so lorries would have to get in from the east, away from the town centre.

Wiltshire Councillor Rosemary Brown said: “I think this is absolutely excellent and has been well thought out. It will be fantastic to see two Bradford on Avon companies expand and I think the use of the solar panels is fantastic. With the introduction of the roundabout I do not see any traffic problems at all either.”

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