Teenager Anthony Weston is heartbroken after a motocross bike he received for his 13th birthday five months ago was stolen from his family garage.

The theft happened on the evening of September 11 when someone sneaked through a side gate at his home in Oxford Road, Calne, and broke into the garage.

The black and orange bike has two distinctive gold-rimmed wheels, which are slightly larger than the normal wheels which are fitted.

His mum Tracey Weston said: “We saved up to get it because they’re not cheap.

“He was so proud of that bike, he always used to wash it after he went out on it.

“We bought it so he could learn how to ride, he was just getting used how to change the gears and was doing quite well at it.

“Every night he comes comes home and asks if we’ve heard anything. He has been very upset, it’s just rotten that someone has come and helped themselves.”

Police said the break-in was one of several incidents in Calne that evening as thieves also tried, but failed, to break into a garage in Hungerford Road.

A witness saw two males, about 18 years old, wearing black hoodies and trousers.

Residents have been warned to be aware and to secure all sheds and garages.

Mrs Weston, who has lived in Oxford Road for 16 years, said she has never had any trouble before so the incident was a shock.

She said: “We do know the chances are slim but it would be great to get it back.

“There may be somebody who has heard something or seen it since.

“We’re almost frightened to go out and get another one – now it’s happened, we’re on our guard.”

Anyone with information about the theft can call 101 and ask for PCSO 6309 Nicole Yates.