A Trowbridge dance and music studio opened its doors on Saturday to show what it does for young people from the town.

The Music Arts and Drama Studios in St George’s Works showcased dance styles, karate lessons, music, film production classes and more during the free afternoon.

Hanna Rush, 28, who runs the studio and the Urban Dance troupe, said: “I was quite impressed with the amount of people who came along and had a look.

“I’ve run Urban Dance for a few years and last year I took on the studio.

“I want it to become a music, arts and dance facility – basically anything the kids want to do relating to music and dance. ”

Miss Rush, from Trowbridge, added that she was looking into running more activities at the weekend. She said: “We’re also planning a Saturday club.”

For more details about the group is it www.urban-streetdance.co.uk