Pupils from Sherston Primary School took a trip back in time when they visited the Great Western Railway Museum for a Second World War evacuee day.

On Friday, pupils from Year 4 dressed up as evacuees, complete with gas masks, ID cards and ration cards, to visit the STEAM museum in Swindon.

They were met by volunteers who had lived through the war and were able to answer their questions while they guided them round.

The children, aged eight and nine, have been learning about the Second World War for the whole term and took part in five workshops, where they made a shelter and learned a war-time dance.

Staff from the museum education team also showed the children original artefacts from that time period.

Although classes from the school have visited the museum before, this is the first time they have taken part in a Second World War experience day.

Teacher Helen Berry said the children enjoyed meeting a man who was a train driver during the war and that the day had bought this period of history alive for them.

She said: “The children had a fantastic time and they haven’t stopped talking about it since.

“The museum has everything you need to find out about the Second World War and they were able to dress up in costume, which made it a lot more authentic.”