West Ashton man Liam Silcocks has put himself forward as an Independent candidate in next month’s Police Commissioner elections, standing on a platform of increased police accountability.

On November 15 electors in Wiltshire will vote in the county’s first police and crime commissioner, who will replace Wiltshire Police Authority, a group of 17 councillors and independent members who currently oversee Wiltshire Police.

Mr Silcocks, 42, says that if he is elected he will immediately set up an independent review of alleged historical wrongdoings by Wiltshire Police.

Mr Silcocks, who works in IT and telecoms and has previously been a paid and volunteer advisor with the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, said: “It’s all about increased police accountability. If elected I will be somebody the public can approach, I won’t hide.

“One of my key commitments if elected is to commission an independent panel to investigate any historical wrongdoings by Wiltshire Constabulary/Police, at every level within the force, with no time limits.

“I do and always have believed that the overwhelming majority of police in Wiltshire join up to serve, protect and support their communities and am always conscious the police do an incredibly couragous, difficult and dangerous job.

“In order to attempt to truly and fully restore the faith, trust and confidence of the people of Wiltshire we need to deal with any wrongdoings once and for all. It will happen at some point as society demands more and more accountability.

"It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when it happens and I think we should do it now to make sure future generations have complete trust in the force.”

Mr Silcocks has also pledged to suspend use of the LTi 20-20 speed gun by the force, pending an investigation into its accuracy following complaints that it can give erroneous readings.

He said he believes Wiltshire Police generally has the right approach to tackling crime, but would like to see pubs and clubs take more responsibility for selling alcohol to intoxicated people, and face punishment when being irresponsible.

Angus Macpherson will stand as Conservative candidate, Clare Moody for Labour and John Short for UKIP. Colin Skelton will also stand as an Independent candidate. The Liberal Democrats have not yet chosen a candidate.