DRIVERS and parents have been warned to watch out for children after a Lethbridge School pupil narrowly avoided an accident.

Headteacher Violet McLaren has issued the warning after roadworks in the area have led to a large increase in traffic.

A letter was sent to parents on Friday after one pupil was almost hit by a car in the area.

The boy was crossing the top of Avenue Road and managed to jump out of the way of the car but banged his head when he fell on the pavement.

Miss McLaren said: “He was lucky and he is fine. The driver of the car actually thought that he had hit the child and was very shaken by the incident.

“The child was unhurt, apart from a knock to the head which happened when he fell on the pavement, having jumped out of the way.

“It is not only the people involved who are affected, there were a number of children who witnessed it and we had an assembly on Friday to talk about it.”

There has been an increase in traffic around the school as a result of roadworks in Devizes Road.

Thames Water has closed the road for emergency repair works forcing diverted traffic past the school.

Miss McLaren has asked any drivers who are using Avenue Road, especially when the children are going to and from school, to be more aware.

She said: “I think we all need to be extra careful around the immediate road network to the school, especially while Devizes Road is closed, as the amount of extra traffic on Avenue Road is significant.

“Avenue Road is a bottleneck and there are always parked cars down both sides.

“If people can avoid driving down Avenue Road at all, then this would be preferable – especially if they are coming at that time in the morning, that really is a period when traffic is very high, and you do see drivers getting impatient.

“Please try to park in other areas and walk over to the school.

“We were all left a bit shocked, but luckily no one was seriously injured. “Please be extra vigilant and try to walk in the immediate area of the school rather than drive.”