Box charity Jamie’s Farm has thrown open its doors, so the public can find out how it helps vulnerable children.

About 200 people visited Hill House Farm, in Ditteridge, near Box, last Saturday, to see how children aged eight to 16 get a chance to swap inner city life for a week in the countryside.

They had the opportunity to tour the grounds, meet the animals and talk to some of the children who have benefited from their time at Jamie’s Farm.

Former teacher Jamie Feilden, who set up the charity in 2008, said: “It was a brilliant event. We had over 200 people drop by and it was probably the best event we’ve held to date.

“The weather was great, visitors got to meet the piglets, enjoy a donkey ride and find out more about the work we do here.”

Children are referred to Jamie’s Farm by their schools, with the aim of improving their self-esteem and confidence in a family environment.

Two children from a school in west London and three from St Laurence School, in Bradford on Avon, were on hand at the event, to explain how their lives had changed.

After a spending a week there and working with the charity’s team, children register an 82 per cent drop in behavioural incidents they are involved in, while 68 per cent are no longer deemed to be at risk of exclusion.

Mr Feilden said: “Events like Saturday are great, as it is vital we have the support and confidence of the local community.”

Jamie’s Farm is welcoming support from people wanting to run the Bath Half Marathon in March 2013.

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